Heroes Home Advantage™

Heroes Home Advantage™ is a real estate rebate program for those that protect, serve and care for our country and community: military, law enforcement, firefighters, health care, emergency personnel and teachers.

As a way of saying “Thank You” to America’s HEROES for their services to our country and communities, I have decided to give cash back, credit, and discounts when a HERO buys, sells or refinances a home sold by me.

My Team


Kathleen “Atom” Irwin
Loving Rehoboth
Tel: 302-841-0077

“As a retired RN with friends and family members who have served in the military, and others in education and health care, it was an easy decision to participate with Heroes Home Advantage. There is no better way to give back to my community than to help the everyday heroes that serve, protect and care for us better afford their dream home. I am honored to work with all Heroes.”


Wendy Smith, Loan Officer
50 Cascade Lane
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Tel: 301-922-3226

I have a special place in my heart for all our heroes and I am honored to be part of this wonderful program. I partnered with Heroes Hm Advantage as an opportunity to give back to all the heroes in my life and community. I am grateful and look forward to “paying it forward” to all those that risk their lives and help save lives. I am so excited and proud to support this program and what a deserving group of men/women to give back too.


Jeanine O’Donnell
State Farm Insurance
Tel: 302-644-3276

“Being able to educate our heroes to live confidently each day, knowing they are protected as they protect us, is why we are here. We are proud to serve those that serve us, our community and our nation every day!”


Cheryl Myers
Tel: 302-722-4435

“It’s my pleasure to be on board with Kathleen (Atom) Irwin’s team to help heroes in our community in buying or selling their homes. It has been my honor and privilege to have on my staff a veteran Keith Orr and my working with Keith has enlightened me to his dedication and service that he had offered while serving overseas. It is now my opportunity to pay forward to individuals such as Keith and fellow service members/veterans. In addition to wanting to honor service members/veterans it is also my privilege to recognize and honor the individuals that keep our community safe and strong ie first responders and also recognize the health providers and educators that are tireless in their service to our community as well.”

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Find out more about the Heroes Home Advantage™ program by clicking here.


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